Open Water



Where the adventure starts
Fun and adventure in diving doesn’t begin after you become a certified diver. It begin when you first start dive in the PADI Open Water Diver Course – the single most popular diving course in the world.
The PADI Open Water Diver course teaches student divers the foundational knowledge and skill they need to dive with a buddy, independent of supervision.


  • Course orientation : Course standards and administrative procedure
  • This course is divided into 3 Session : Classroom, Confined water and Open water training dives
  1. Five presentations in classroom session with PADI Video presentation or Complete System Lesson Guides.
  2. Five confined water dives in pool session.
  3. Four open water dives and One optional skin dive during a weekend trip.
  • This course can be completed by 2 classroom sessions, 2 pool session and 4 Open water training dives during weekend trip.


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